Health and Wellness Tourism Emergence of a New Market Segment

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A Comparative Study of Thermal Legislation in the Galicia–North Portugal Euroregion
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Health and Wellness Tourism: A Strategic Plan for Tourism and Thermalism Valorization of São Pedro do Sul
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Networks in the Health and Welfare Sector: A Study Beyond Borders – Portugal/Spain
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Eurocity Chaves-Verín: Regional Development Strengthened by Spa-Linked Research and Professional Education
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Promotion and Marketing: Marketing Strategies, Italy, Regional Development
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Quality Management in Spanish Thalassotherapy Centers
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Motivations for Implementing a System of Quality Management in Spanish Thalassotherapy Centers
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Barriers to Implementing Quality Management in Spanish Thalassotherapy Centers
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Social Program Hydrotherapy IMSERSO in Horizon 2020
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Diversity and Interconnection: Spas, Health and Wellness Tourism
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Innovation in Thermalism: An Example in Beira Interior Region of Portugal
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